VRCenter is the new franchise of digital leisure centers in Virtual Reality developed by Solidvirtual.

With VRCenter our goal is to offer the player the best VR gaming experience technology allows, without compromise. For this, our team of multidisciplinary experts has designed every element of the experience to make something unique and memorable.

Our individual game booths have been developed with the player in mind, they are the perfect space to enjoy the latest experiences: Project Cars, Arizona Sunshine, Raw Data, etc.

Solidvirtual puts in the hands of the operator all the technology ready to produce from the first minute:

  • A local with the technical and legal requirements for the operation.
  • Game booths equipped with the best hardware.
  • VR tech by HTC VIVE.
  • Commercial licences of the latest games.
  • Technological surveillance and quarterly licenses renewal.
  • ERP system and control software.
  • Online reservation system via web and apps (iOS, Android).
  • Online support and maintenance.